Nfante Areas

Nfante Areas

Nfante Areas (West, Central, East)

A total of 57 drill holes (8674m) have been completed along the southeast margin of the property boundary at the Nfante West, Nfante Central, and Nfante East Prospects.

At Nfante West, a small resource and pit have been outlined with 28 diamond drill holes (5628m). Mineralization at Nfante West is hosted by pyritic carbonate-sericite schist, along a 200 meter interval of a northeast striking, steep west-dipping fault. A thin band of highly magnetic mafic rocks and sediments forms the footwall to the deposit, and a granitoid underlies these supracrustal rocks.

Two other prospects have been defined; Nfante Central and Nfante East. At Nfante Central, 5 AirCore holes totaling 196 meters have defined gold anomalous sericitic rock striking at 40 degrees, hosted in tonalitic intrusive.

At Nfante East, 1911 meters of drilling has been completed with 7 diamond drill holes, 1 RC hole and 11 AirCore holes.

Plan Maps of drilling and Cross Sections are shown in the accompanying maps and section views.

Nfante Area Plan Map

Nfante West and Central Cross Sections

Nfante East Cross Sections

Nfante Area Mineralized Summary